Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is

I’ve been roaming the country and the world over the last year, and it’s been hard to call one place home. But as I go, I find people who believe just as I do, and have a passion for the same things. I find more and more, that my home is wherever the people are.

I am beginning this blog so that anyone wondering where I am, and what I’ve been up to lately, will be able to see for themselves. I can barely get around to sending a newsletter once a month. When I do, I can’t possibly tell everything that happened in that entire month!

The last few weeks have brought more encouragement and a sense of purpose than I’ve had in a long time. I attended a photography conference, that ended up with a smaller group of multi-media people breaking off to discuss new directions. Very cool.

That was followed up this week by some great brain-storming about short term media trips. So, this afternoon, I’m just getting back to the internet, and taking it easy. After my long drive across the country to Texas and back, stopping at churches and friends’ homes along the way, I really needed a break!

But the long break will have to be put off until after the new year. I’m off to Uganda and a couple of other countries at the end of this month. So looking forward to new adventures, and helping out wherever I can.