Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Days

Taking photos here is very different from other places. Much of the sky is cloudy. But it makes interesting light now and again. New photos up on Flickr (see the link at the right).

I've been chatting with various missionaries from Costa Rica recently, and it's interesting to see how often God provides in miraculous little ways, providing equipment, funds, and whatever else we all need at just the right time. As we chatted, one missionary realized she knew of an apartment opening up that another young missionary in our conversation needed, at just the right amount, in just the right neighborhood. Very encouraging.

On Sunday, members of the Tabarcia church will come to the conference center for the first time. I will take video then of the first meeting being held there. It's such an amazing view, you should really go look at the photos on Flickr! Meanwhile, here's a teaser... a local frog living in the bamboo just outside.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mountain Rain Forests

Life in the Countryside

I went trekking through the property this morning because Miguel found a rather large ugly bullfrog by a tree. It made for cool video, but it’s one of the ugliest
creatures I’ve ever seen! Compared to the tiny green and black frog I found yesterday, like beauty and the beast. Miguel is busy using a machete to clear out the jungle from around the building we are staying in. Still working on doors (almost done), and walls for the upstairs rooms, we watch the clouds roll in and out of the structure. It’s really beautiful here, and you can see God’s hand every where.

We painted the front bathroom, a large one, a few days ago.
And Franklin is busy creating doors, frames and screens and then installing them. There is so much work to do here, and no teams coming in for a while.

This morning we went to a local sugarcane farm where they crush, boil, cook and process the cane sugar in to a sort of candy, or table sugar. It was very interesting, and I had great fun shooting photos and video. Then this afternoon, I was left on the road near a mango tree for an hour or so, to photograph the various butterflies that find the fruit irresistible. It smells a bit like a brandy factory there, with all the fruit all over the ground. But the butterflies are gorgeous!Everywhere you look, the views are incredible. God is amazing!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Costa Rica

From Costa Rica with Love

Today I was worshiping in church in Tabarcia, Costa Rica. I could not understand the majority of all that was said or sung, but a young man from Kenya was asked to speak for about 15 minutes, and chose the topic of prayer. As I sat there, listening to a Ugandan give Costa Ricans encouragement and words about prayer, I thought about my church’s recent studies on the importance of prayer.  I thought of the fact that across continents God has made it clear how valuable conversation is with Him. I realize that there am blessed, and He is truly with us all, everywhere, all the time.  He hears each prayer because He is God, Almighty,Omnipotent.

In the same Costa Rican service, I met someone from each of these countries, England, Colombia, Kenya and Uganda.  Six countries together in one small South American Church, worshiping together.   And we all had a common heart, a common idea, to love God, and to love others as ourselves.

Have a blessed Sunday, and may we all make talking with God, and listening, the priority in our lives.