Friday, August 14, 2009

My Last Week in Spain

Being at camp for four weeks for four different kinds of camps has been tougher than I thought. Sleeping in a teepee with new people each week, walking around up and down for electricity, food, bathrooms, or anything else I need has reminded me how grateful I am for a relatively care-free life in America. I can't even count how many different kinds of bugs there are here, most of which reside in my tent! I am so ready for my homeland.

But even as I think of all the struggles that come from living here these weeks, I remember that Spain has less than one percent of a Christian population. And the ones who do believe face ridicule and temptations from every quarter. This camp is one of the few ways that the youth of Spain, and most of Europe, can even be reached anymore. They no longer value the religion and churches of their forefathers, it has not worked for them. So they are looking for new answers.

For the short time we endure the inconveniences, the heat, the bugs, it's worth it. To see the lives of young people strengthened, and new answers given, that's worth it all.

I admit though, that I have to remind myself of this over and over, each time that I find a new species of bug in my tent that has just shed it's skin.

Blessings as you go, and remember that all the world was made by God, and we are all His children.