Thursday, July 9, 2009

Building Relationships

Today the camp director talked to us about the great need in Spain for sharing about Christ. The camp reaches out in love, teaching values and life-lessons, like team building, that will open the door for deeper relationships. At the same time, the kids have fun. I am also building relationships, and am constantly amazed at how I see God's hand in everyday life. People who come here to work have given of their time because of love. And that core motivation bonds us together like the rest of the world cannot understand. But these kids see it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

L'arcada Camp

This week I have roomates in my big teepee, and three of them are basketball coaches here for the basketball camp. I love meeting new people, and it has been a blessing to see them interact with the kids. There are also volunteers here from different churches in the states doing work around the grounds. A new week, and new hearts to share Christ with. Pics of my office, my living quarters, and the basketball court:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Youth Camp in Spain

I spent the last three days in L'arcada Youth Camp here in the mountains of Spain. I'm sleeping in a giant teepee with several other women who are here to coach basketball. This particular week is dedicated to that sport. Last week was the English camp, and I arrived just in time for the last days of teaching and sharing.

I have learned that although we sometimes consider Spain a Christian nation, maybe because there is a rich Catholic history, in fact most Christian beliefs have died out. This camp is reaching youth who have never heard about Christ before. The last night of English camp, a volunteer youth group form Wisconsin shared a beautiful skit that protraying what Christ has done for us all. I listened as I walked around camp that night, hearing the youth crying here and there because they had been so moved by the realization of what God has done for them through Christ.

My video here is meant to help raise support for a young missionary couple hoping to come work here fulltime, and I find that my mission is an important one. Thank you God for letting me have a hand in all this!

Pictures later, for now all I've done is video