Monday, May 25, 2009

May Update 2009

Seven Countries Last Year
In 2008, I traveled to 7 different countries.  I was experimenting with trying to make my travel budget go further by hitting three countries in one trip.  But this comes with its own set of issues.  It’s not always as easy as one would think to travel from one close country to another!  Quite often you have to fly to a city that is not in a straight line, and takes you hours out of the way.  Another issue became having the time to finish all the projects I took on trying to make good use of the travel.  I only finished the last of the 2008 missionary videos a few weeks ago.  

Local Projects
In addition to the international travel, I also created several videos and animations for the Youth Evangelism Conference (Uncharted) that was held in Baltimore this March.  I drove to Mississippi, and home again, stopping along the way to visit ministries and churches.  While in Mississippi, I met with Global Outreach to start planning and creating for GO Expedition, an exhibit on East Africa that will be opened up to 4th graders in the region of Tupelo, Mississippi.  

Video and Photo Catalog
Most of the videos created by this ministry and its partners are up online now at I need help with evaluating their speed and accessibility. Also, I've added photos from most of my trips to my web site.  

Videos at
Photos at

Where to Next?
I have upcoming trips to Costa Rica on June 12, and Spain and Uganda in July and August.  When I return, I will be in Mississippi for the month of October to prepare for the Global Outreach Conference, and GO Expedition East Africa.