Friday, July 24, 2009

Joy and Pain

Driving in Kampala was a BEAR today! And I am worn out. So, I leave you with a couple of images from the orphanage we went to yesterday. Forever burned in my memory -- the cry of a child abandoned left wondering why, and the joy of a child remembered by God.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meeting of Minds

This morning I got up early and attended a prayer breakfast here in Uganda. About twenty-five or thirty people attended, one of which is a member of Parliament. We had a discussion afterward about her district in the northwest regions of Uganda, and her dream to start vocational training there, because there are no jobs for the people who actually finish high school level. Unemployment is still extremely high.

My next conversation was with an old friend, a respected Ugandan businessman. We discussed ideas for improving agriculture, and finding retired teachers to donate time to come and teach in Uganda. Lately, there has been little rain, and people who do not live in the cities are going hungry.

Driving around Kampala and visiting old friends reminds me how much I care about what happens here, and indeed in every country where there are people struggling to live out each day in good health and peace. I cannot help but lay my life down again to do whatever work God puts before me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Going Irish

This week I have been staying in a Christian Guest House with a team from an Irish girl's school. Last night they invited me to join their quiet time, and I discovered once again that when we are in God's Word, we have the same heart. There are about twenty girls, and a hand full of counselors, one of which is the president of the school. As I listened to their quiet time, I could see that many of these girls already have such a great heart for Jesus and God's Word, and it was a blessing.

Today, I'm working on editing the second in a series of Christian television shows. The first was televised yesterday. It's so cool to be a part of reaching even more people through that medium. Who knew? Yesterday (or so it seems) a graphic designer, today a tool in God's Kingdom and loving it!