Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Clearer Picture

A friend of mine who helped run the photography department of a Christian organization recently lost his job because of the economy. I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts with him and his family about what to do next. After a great deal of prayer, they decided to become full-time media missionaries, just like I am.

I wanted to share their latest newsletter,
because it is so encouraging to me. It communicates the importance of our new kind of ministry, and I hope it helps us see the value of what we do. From my friends:

Dear Friends and Prayer
We are excited to report our most recent ministry activities. A growing young
church in Geneva, NY invited us to share what God is doing in our lives. They were excited to hear our vision of using photography and media technology to help missionaries tell stories of God’s work all over the world. The pastor made a great illustration by getting people to recall the most memorable photograph they can remember seeing. He then explained that such images become emblazoned on our brain and are remembered longer than the best sermon you’ve heard, or the most eloquent speech. The power of visual images is critical to missions communication, and the role God has put us in is vital to missionaries being able to tell God’s stories.

Our next journey will take us to Indiana and Michigan for meetings, starting September 27 at First Baptist in Bristol, IN, where Becky grew up. We will end at a missions conference at Twin Branch Bible Church in Mishawaka, IN on October 7 before heading back to Pennsylvania.

Please pray for:

· Visits with supporters and potential supporters to share our vision
· Wisdom as we prepare
presentation materials
· Travel safety
· Our young children, will be away from home for 2 weeks

Jeff and Becky Raymond


Joe Hendricks said...

Praying now for Jeff and Becky's new ministry!

Adron said...

Thank you for sharing.

Auntie E said...

I use to live close to Geneva NY. I have a missionary friend who lives in the area.Hope you are staying save in your travels. In Christ,Elaine