Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Returning to Uganda

In June I will be returning to Uganda for two months to try and find a house to rent. I am in the process of finding a car also. Then In October, I plan to return there to live and make Kampala my home base for international media work.s
Why I'm Going
Since I left Uganda, there has been an ever-present desire to return. While I was in Uganda, I built many relationships that are very dear to me. I shared through Bible Studies, and used all my life experiences to encourage others to trust in God, and to have faith in His love for us all. My desire is to return there to continue relationships that grow towards Christ, and also to create an international home base for my work there in Kampala. Please pray for my return, and that the needs I have will be met.
What I Need
Because Kampala is a large city, and was hit hard by our economic crisis, my living expenses will have increased. Things like a house for rent, electricity, water, and fuel have all gone up since I left. Although I have monthly support that can meet those needs, there are many other expenses that come in addition to monthly expenses.
I know that you can't participate if I don't share howa, so I've made a list of all the extra expenses I would have paid for in the past. These are needs that could rob me of the ability to meet the monthly expenses with my current support.
If you have an interest in participating in some way, please click on the You Can Help button to see how. Please understand that more than one person may decide to give me funds for a specific thing. In that case I will use the funds for something else on the list. Another option is to decide to give something small on a monthly basis. Whether enough to cover and of these expenses, or just a little towards them, God will use everything for His purposes.
(estimates, shown in order of importance)

Car  $10,000 (or $7,000 if I can buy the one that is currently available!)
HD Video Camera  $3500
Laptop for Videographer $1430
6 month's rent $3600 (required to rent a house in Kampala)
Airfare $1800

Work Permit $500
3 Terrabyte drives $$550
Lenses $1500
Software updates $500
Voltaic Backpack power generator  $500
Keyboard $50

There are five people that this ministry supports for their education in Uganda. Two of these are at university level.  Both are in media, hoping to use their skills to do media mission work like I do.  They are both exceptional men that have a heart for God and for missions.

Daniel Mugoda: $2,500/year for the next three years Bachelor's degree (this is partial support, actual yearly support is $4,000)
Brian Ourien:  $14,000 one time to complete Master's degree in Media

Three of the people that need educational support are young, around 10-12 years old. In Uganda, you must pay for your education, but most families only make enough to pay for food and shelter.  This is the case of the families these children belong to.

Yosam's daughter  $900/year
Maureen $600/ Year
Paul    $600/year 

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Jasper said...

I cant wait to have you back. You are a real joy and I will be praying for all your needs. Our God is more than able. Se you soon. Hugs and kisses