Thursday, February 24, 2011

December Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

I am finally here in Uganda after three and a half years of international work.  God blessed me with the same house I was living in before, and I am enjoying my time here already.

I hit the ground running, finishing up video and print projects for Interdenominational Christian Ministries in Peru, followed by photography for Mission Aviation Fellowship, Postcards and a banner for LED Uganda, and editing and print for African Bible University.

In addition to the media work I've already been doing, I have been working with university students at Kampala International University.  It's interesting to realize that they never get the opportunity to hear or study God's Word in their home villages and towns.  As an American, I tend to take it for granted that it's readily available.  However that's not true outside the city here.  So, when the new semester begins, I plan to be leading a ladies Bible Study from the university church.  The university itself was founded by Muslims.  Unfortunately leadership there has been lax, and often the teachers don't show up for class, or give the materials needed for the test until it is too late for students to study.  I am looking forward to bringing God's Word to these struggling students, and helping them see how great His love is for them.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to more media projects, and seeing what the New Year will bring.

Please pray for me as I readjust to this culture, and try to tell the stories of God moving through the world and bringing His light to all people.  If you have the opportunity to support this ministry financially, I invite you to do so.  This  ministry helps magnify the ministries of many other missionaries on the field.  Helping me out financially helps many other ministries do their work by providing a means to tell their story to get their message out and get more people involved.  Whether it's a one-time Christmas gift, or a much-needed monthly commitment of any size, God will use it in amazing ways.

Thank you so much for all your support both in prayers and finances.  I am so blessed to be on this particular mission field using this particular gift for God.  It's amazing how God has used it to raise support for conference centers, to raise sponsorship for orphans, to find committed students for Bible universities, and so much more. 

Melody Warford
Melia Missionary to Uganda and beyond 
Global Outreach International
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